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Strapless Girlcock Fun

I wasn’t too sure about this girlcock when I first inserted it…It’s top heavy because it’s 8” silicone length is supported by only a few inches inside me but there was something instantly arousing about seeing a cock protrude from my body with no harness.  My surprise continued when I slid my jeans on.  Feeling the tightness of the jeans hug the length of it to my body had me biting my my lip.  Walking with it and feeling it move from side to side over my clit was a heady experience that had me clenching down on the length inserted.  I was excited before I’d even dragged out the camera!  My mind was reeling with the possibility of wearing this out of the house and under dresses.  I’d only ever approached this toy from the standpoint of  pegging with it.  How did it never dawn on me…a girl with a serious case of cock envy… that I would enjoy this from a solo perspective? 
I did my best to focus during the shoot but I found myself stroking my new cock quite frequently, thrilled that by jerking off my cock I was actually fucking myself with it from the inside!!  It felt fluid to play with it because there would be an immediate reward with each motion…not the disconnect I felt with my external girlcocks.  Ugh…it was like heaven to play with!  I soon found myself reaching for the lube…pumping my warmed up cock in slow, slick motions and loving the lewd, wet noises my cunt would make.  I was fascinated with recording myself…playing back the video only to stroke/fuck myself more furiously to it as my arousal grew.  I tried to draw it out but I was completely lost in my own world with these new pleasure sensations…I was about to cum from stroking my own cock!  I could almost imagine what you guys feel like right before it’s about to burst.   
When I came it was AMAZING…one of those full body orgasms where your mind and body are turned on equally and the release is intense…thigh shaking, eye rolling, lip biting, fuck yessss intense!  So yummy!  So even though I have yet to try this toy out on hubby’s ass I fully endorse it as a stand alone toy for the girl who loves to rock a girlcock! 
To see the full set of pictures from my playtime, check out my Personal Pics and Fantasies page!

For those of you interested you can purchase the girlcock here

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